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Parmley Eau De Toilette by Lure

Parmley Eau De Toilette by Lure

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His clean, shiny car that he washed twice each week complemented his pressed fitted suit, tie and twinkling shoes every Sunday as he strolled into church, often with one of his many leather jackets in tow. His spicy and woody aftershave filled the air, while the scent of coffee and breakfast trailed behind. His quiet, calm demeanor oozed love, but he told the best jokes on the block.

A warm and spicy fragrance inspired by the life of my grandfather, James Parlmey, this zesty, crisp fusion blended with aged leather, spicy patchouli, cedar-wood, fresh sea minerals and oud wood is sweetened with a drop of honeysuckle.

Great for day or night, it leaves you feeling clean and confident!

Hand-Poured into a 2 oz glass bottle. 

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