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Vela Eau De Toilette by Lure

Vela Eau De Toilette by Lure

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Even though she couldn’t have flowers because of medical issues, she loved roses, and while she couldn’t use perfume, she owned many. She stored them in her refrigerator and told everyone that the cold made them last longer. Maybe that’s why her favorite food was ice cream which she could eat by the gallon. She defied logic with her brash, adoring ways. She was spicy with her words, yet her heart was so pure.

A feminine and fresh fragrance inspired by the life of my grandmother, Vela Myrlene Walden, this bold floral blend of rose, black raspberry, lush peony, sweet vanilla cream (ice cream), warm woods and spicy patchouli has hints of vetiver and a splash of honeysuckle.

It’s her personality in a fragrance. It will have you feeling as confident as Myrlene and may get you in as much trouble… if you talk like she did.

Hand-poured into a 2 oz glass bottle. 

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