Adams Service Dog Fundraiser - HOPESOAPOHIO
Adams Service Dog Fundraiser - HOPESOAPOHIO

Adams Service Dog Fundraiser

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This purchase includes a Hope For Adam gift set in effort to raise the funds needed to help Adam get his service dog!

Each Gift set contains a special soap that we created for this fundraiser, an 8oz dreamy cream and a lip butter!

You can choose to have your autism awareness soap in either Lavender or Oatmeal & Honey.

You also have the option to just make the donation without receiving the package. this will help us maximize the amount that makes it towards Adam getting his furry friend!

Here is Adam's story!

Adam is an energetic, fun, loving, silly 3-year-old who has Autism.

Adam was developing typically, until he wasn’t. One day we noticed he was not doing the same things as his older sibling was at his age. Adam never talked, he just made sounds, babbling noises, and screams. Then we noticed some repetitive behaviors, lack of eye contact, and hand flapping. We went to his pediatrician to voice our concerns. She made a referral to an autism center to get tested. Adam was diagnosed at just 21 months old with severe autism and a speech and language disorder. He also has sensory and behavioral issues.

We then went and learned everything we could about autism and contacted Help Me Grow. Adam started with the play project through Help Me Grow. He also started private speech and occupational therapy and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

Although now 3 years old, Adam is still nonverbal but he has made tremendous strides in ABA therapy thanks to his amazing therapist Kourtney! I am also happy to say Adam will be attending preschool in the fall! Aside from autism, Adam loves to play and watch basketball, color everything, jump, run, loves water, bubbles and to play with his two sisters.

Adam really is just your typical kid who just happens to be on the spectrum. We know Adam will continue to make great strides and hope to have a furry companion by his side to help him along the way!

Your help will assist Adam in continuing to making great strides with a pal by his side. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about AdamLee!

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